Call for Abstracts

BANNER ISPD 2014BREAKING NEWS: More than 700 worldwide abstracts received!

Thank you for all your contributions to create an exceptional scientific program

Important Dates to Remember

  • Authors will be notified (via email) about the Scientific Committee’s decision from May 15th, 2014.

Abstract Submission Instructions

• All abstracts must be submitted online via the Congress website . Please read the instructions carefully, as abstracts submitted not according to these instructions will not be accepted.

• An acknowledgement will be sent to you once you have successfully submitted your abstracts. Please contact the

Congress Secretariat if you do not receive the acknowledgement.

• Abstracts sent by post, fax or email will not be accepted.

Abstract Format

1. Word limit is 300 words. Word limit of 300 words includes tables which must be in text format, not graphic format.

2. Do not include figures or graphs with the abstract. Any figures or tables in graphic format will not be published.

3. Abstract title must be in Title Case, e.g. “Peritoneal Dialysis.” Title should be brief and clearly indicate the content

of the abstract.

4. Author and co-author names [first name, middle initial(s), and surname] institutions, cities and countries are to be

typed in appropriate boxes. Do not include degrees or professional titles (Dr, PhD, Prof, MD, etc.)

Abstract Content

Make the abstract as informative as possible. Conclusions must be supported by data. Organise the body of the abstract

as follows:

(a) objectives

(b) methods

(c) results

(d) conclusions

Use standard abbreviations generic drug names. Place unusual abbreviations or acronyms in parentheses after first use. Do NOT identify author(s) or institution(s) in text.